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Metaphisical-dialectic on the psyche

Ita Arnold

Self-taught composer, guitarist, singer & stray philosopher

Born in June 12th, 1959

In Passo Fundo/Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil



      Humans are intelligent, rational and creative animals, who inhabit the Milky Way of the universe, inheriting the diversity of species evolution in its gradual natural essence. Humans need the intelligible, rational and creative freedom, giving rise to instincts, in which, through the psyche, they explore the conscious and unconscious, differentiating themselves from other animals. He, the human, steaming the reason of awareness, elevates the word to the philology of human communication. However, at the counterpoint of the thesis and antithesis, the human wrestles in the synthesis, spitting blood at dawn, roaring fanciful and mystical ideas, which metaphysics itself exudes in its own metaphor of life.
      By inhabiting this fervent uneasiness of life, we instigate ourselves, snatching ourselves, causing fuselage in the antitheses of the Baroque. The love the hate, the beautiful the ugly, the yes the no, the everything the nothing, the life the death, aim to achieve a satisfaction, a dream, an overwhelming instinct, increasing the desire for the fornication of the body and soul, to perpetuate their own kind.

      In this dialectical-metaphysical steam, we humans, wonderful, cybernetic, pathological, fundamentalists, bring a universal depression, an unprecedented misery, where the center of it all is the human… “Human! Dialectical-Metaphysical Animal” who dictates the metaphors of the quantum materialism.
      This precept leads us to believe that whoever created the many Gods and their religions was the human being itself. He created this by not understanding the mysteries of the universe, the complexity of life, the fear of death, the oppression and the exploitation of the class struggle. In this anguishing vortex, that’s been happening ever since the  Ancient World, the daily stress reflected the symbolic continent of the modern world, hidden away in the psyche whirlwinds and in the human body.
      In this context the Gods were born! This mass phenomenon, with its ideological metaphor in the complexity of diversity, fraternized to the politics and economics, in the vice of corruption, in the violence and fundamentalism, bringing to the surface the frustration of the sexual and creative instincts of the unconscious, haunting the dialectical-metaphysical universe itself.

      In the universal weaving of the lack of sense, the output is the opium for the masses, annihilating the people’s creative and intellectual power. In the vast Roman Empire, the gladiators were the ultimate people’s opium. Religion, for several centuries, was the dilacerating opium of the people, extending its tentacles up until the mid-19th century.
      In the contemporaneity of 21st century, we multiply our opiums, creating a variety of illusions to the human soul. The information and entertainment of the media make the human barbaric and mediocre, hypnotizing the masses and alienating our intellectual development. The consumerism drive, in several senses of modern life, becomes a sick false therapy, not adding anything to the emptiness of the creative instincts of the unconscious.
      Football can be something lovely! The art of the feet with the ball mastery, the footballer’s reflection, bending, swaying and its consequences, in the beautiful plays intelligence that enchant the world. In contrast, however, football is the new masses’ opium. It is the contemporary opium of the people, more refined by the modernity of our time, creating the illusion of pathetic pleasure and bringing up the pathological fundamentalism of the masses’ ignorance.

      At this point of the 21st century, where opium becomes the life’s incandescent exit, the bourgeoisie gives place to its great ideological foundation, which consists of old institutions… Old shadows holding globalized capitalism, spitting its tainted word. In it, the ruling class, the bourgeoisie, enjoys the exploitation, increasing its capital through incandescent earnings, which is nothing more than the sick virus of class struggle.
      This leads us to believe that in the dynamics of the world there is a lack of metamorphosis! We need to rescue the 19th century thought on its revolutionary source, so that the left is reborn again with its classic authenticity. The “anarchist” revolutionary thought, which is libertarian, is the foundation of true liberty of individuals. The “socialist” revolutionary thought wants that the whole universe achieve the pleasure for the whole society. The “communist” revolutionary thought – which is the brotherhood, the solidarity and the human dignity – is the one that will create the “Human! Dialectical-Metaphysical” community.

      On this search for meaning there is the perpetual anguish, that freedom gives us as an instinct of life. The civilized man of our modernity, the one that is firm in his convictions, that respects the ethics, the beauty, embraced the freedom to be a dreamer, so that one day the art, science, friendship and love – the fleeting and noblest of human virtues- unlock the conscious and unconscious potential, giving rise to the supreme virtue of happiness.
      Happiness as “Tender violins of the revolutionary rain!”. The Universe in trance, the thoughts, the music in the dialectical process. I mean the tender music with its melodies. The transformation, the revolution paving the way for the people to be happy. Creativity giving vent to the depths of the unconscious, of the self, of the unity of the infinite cosmos, of the psychoanalysis, of the philosophy, of the healthy searching action for life, opening its way for the harmonic revolution…
      Perhaps the “Human! Dialectical-Metaphysical Animal” dictates the metaphors of life, assumes the tone of the evolution of species, the natural process of life, as a mark of a new era, a new world, a new way of thinking, a new scientific thinking, snatching and demoralizing the medieval inquisitory reigning religiosity!

Ita Arnold

Reviewed by Rosane Arostegui

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